Our Mission

“Go and Make Disciples” from Matthew 28:19

Our Vision

“Impassion people to follow Jesus”

Core Values

FBC Jefferson’s core values are: worship, heritage, families, children/youth, unity, friendships, new ideas, community, outreach, missions, and compassion.
We try to live this out by being a Christ-centered prayerful church that Embraces All, Worships Together, Loves Families, Makes Disciples and Shares Jesus.
Below is how we strive to fulfill this…

Embraces All

FBC Jefferson believes that all people are created in God’s image. Jesus reached out to everyone He came into contact with and we strive to follow His example. At FBC Jefferson, we welcome all people. We have seasons of struggle and seasons of doubt like anyone, but we believe that by being united in God’s love, Jesus’ sacrifice, and the Holy Spirit’s guidance we can weather any storm of life and be a welcoming place of grace and forgiveness.

Worships Together

FBC Jefferson is a place where we believe everyone can come together and worship God. We believe that the personal relationships made by members with God and one another are the keys to a healthy church. We worship God faithfully and creatively, using different forms of music, liturgies, and styles. We believe what really matters is the heart of the individual praising God.

Loves Families

FBC Jefferson believes that families are one of the cornerstones of the Church – both individual family units and the Church family as a whole. Since we believe every family is important and plays a vital part in fulfilling God’s mission, the Church offers inter-generational opportunities for people to gather for the purpose of building relationships and learning from one another.

Makes Disciples

Jesus commanded us to “go make disciples of all nations” and FBC Jefferson strives to follow Jesus’ Great Commission. Each member is encouraged to “plug-in” and to use their talents to further God’s Kingdom. We believe that studying scripture with others is an important part of discipleship. However, we also believe that Christians should not only study God’s word, but live it. The Church constantly tries to find ways to allow members to take steps of obedience in their faith with God. Only with obedience does ones’ faith become manifested.

Shares Jesus

FBC Jefferson believes part of being a follower of Jesus means telling others about Him. We strive to spread the good news of Jesus not only with words but with actions. We work to find ways to serve our local community, the country, and the world. The Church has a well established food bank that serves Jackson County residents and participates in an annual mission trip. FBC Jefferson believes that to share Jesus with people, we have to meet their immediate needs first and then share the good news about Jesus.