First Baptist Church offers pastoral care to anyone that needs help during a crisis, a spiritual low, or troubled time. The pastoral staff have training to aid a person as he or she walks through the valleys of life. Pastoral counseling can benefit many people and is not a sign of weakness. Many of the church staff have benefited from professional care and counseling during different seasons of their life. Even so, the staff are not experts in the field of pastoral counseling, but rather “generalists.” If a situation is beyond the skill level of the ministers, the Church has professional counselors and counseling services that can be recommended.
Contact the church office if you would like pastoral care from a minister, male or female, who are capable of being the presence of Christ to those in need or if you would like to request a referral to a licensed caregiver.

Prayer Concerns

Please note our Prayer List Guidelines:

Before posting anyone on our Pathfinder (church newsletter – available on our church app or emailed to our membership), a member of the ministerial staff will make contact with that person or their family to minister to them. In the process, they will be asked permission to be included in the Pathfinder Prayer List and to contact their small group (i.e. Sunday School Class or WMU Prayer Circle) to give a report.

We will ask what information can be shared since it may be shared with that group via email.

A follow-up call(s) or visit(s) will be made to see how the person is doing, depending on the condition of the person and the length of their illness. In these follow-up contacts, we should determine if the name will remain on the list.

If a person’s illness extends beyond several weeks, we will move his or her name to the Ongoing Prayer Needs list on the website which will also be published on Wednesday for our church family to review.

Church members who wish to place prayer requests on this list should call the office administrator at 706-367-8332 with the information or email her at

We will remove names when notified, or when it becomes obvious that the need has passed.