Prayer List

May 24, 2022

Please help us to keep our list as up to date as possible by letting the church office
know of changes in the prayer needs of our church family

Ongoing Prayer Concerns

Jane Kinney
Brenda Tolbert
Andy Garrison
Dennie Brooks
Raye Jackson
Gloria Reinhardt
Richard Feller

Homebound, Assisted Living, Etc.

Dianne Brooks
Glenn Bullock
Ruth Joiner
Betsy Payne
Raynelle Sims
Pat Smith
Claudius/Carolyn Thurmond

Family and Friends

Our condolences to Carolyn Thurmond on the death of her sister Lavenia “Lou” Hall on Monday, May 23rd.
Tina and Michael Helms
Andrea Cook (Faye Griffin’s daughter)
Michael Patrick (son of Carolyn Bauman’s niece) 
Tammy Crumley (daughter-in-law of Martha Gunter) – tumor behind ear
Keith & Jennifer Dutton

Additional Requests

Our Church Personnel Committee
Our Church-sponsored missionaries