Traditional Worship Leader Job Description

The Traditional Worship Leader is one who leads with an inspiring energy, preserves yet enhances the traditional worship atmosphere, and helps to bring people into the presence of God. Working with the pastor/staff, pianist, and audio-visual team, they will plan and coordinate a traditional-style service in keeping with the pastor’s messages and/or various observances.


  • Plan, schedule, coordinate, and lead worship in traditional service.
  • Lead the congregational singing with joy and enthusiasm.
  • Provide guidance in the development and implementation of the highest quality worship possible by recruiting, developing, and scheduling the wide variety of vocal and instrumental talent in the church to lead worship through solos, duets, trios, and quartets.
    • Direct the Adult Choir including regular rehearsal
    • Direct or oversee a Children’s Choir with the Children’s Directors
  • Collaborate with the pastor and/or staff in the selection of hymns and special music.
  • Prepare the worship order for the bulletin, using “Planning Center” to share service details with pastor and other worship leaders, participants,        and office manager in a timely manner.
  • In conjunction with the church staff, plan and implement the music for special services, such as Christmas Eve, and assemble the order of            service for the bulletin.
  • Create lyric slides of the hymns for ProPresenter each Sunday (unless otherwise designated to another staff member)
  • Work with current technical advisor/coordinator in ensuring that we have audio/video (ProPresenter) technicians for each service, until such          time an Audio-Visual Director is hired.
  • If available, and time allows, attend staff meetings, and participate in the planning and implementation of church programs that will fulfill the          mission and vision of FBCJ.
  • Develop and administer any budgetary needs for the traditional music of the church.



  • A vibrant growing personal relationship with Christ
  • An understanding of Baptist principals and the values of FBC Jefferson, Georgia, and agree to work within the spirit of those
  • Good interpersonal skills, including integrity, honesty, and Christ-honoring values
  • Be able to maintain confidences, effectively listen and communicate, and can resolve conflicts in productive and God-honoring manner
  • Strong self-awareness
  • Excellent speaking and communication skills
  • Broad knowledge of choral music, and some experience leading a choir and congregational singing
  • Knowledge of music through the study of music, either formally, or through performance
  • Punctual and one who does not procrastinate



Traditional Worship Team Leader is accountable to the Senior Pastor and Personnel Committee. 






Compensation for this position will be negotiated with the Personnel Committee.

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