Job Openings

Music and Worship Director

First Baptist Church Jefferson, GA

Job Title: Music and Worship Director

Job Classification and Salary: Part time; $25k - $30k per year

Job Description: The Music & Worship Director will be an enthusiastic leader possessing a passion for traditional and contemporary worship. Aptitude to lead instrumentalists and vocalists with the ability to create, plan, organize and implement all functions of the music ministry with excellence.

1. Must have a personal relationship with God and profess Jesus Christ as Lord.
2. Must have the ability to read and direct music.
3. Must have the ability to organize and lead Choirs, Ensembles and Band.
4. Must have the ability to choose, arrange, and plan song selections appropriate for a blended traditional and contemporary worship service.
5. A heart for personal and corporate worship of God.
6. Must meet regularly with the pastor for planning, reporting and evaluation.
7. Must meet regularly with key leaders of the music ministry.

1. Reports directly to the Sr. Pastor and works in concert with the pastor to develop and coordinate music for the worship services that fit the theme of the service.
2. Recruit, lead and train the choir, ensemble and all musicians in the music ministry.
3. Music/Song direction for each service through the end of the service.
4. Provide input into all events and services which require music and plan special programs for holiday services.
5. Assist with the maintenance of the music library and musical instruments.
6. Administer the music ministry by encouraging teamwork and mutual support.
7. Arrange for a replacement in the event of an absence. Ensure coverage/schedule guest musicians when necessary.

Instrumental skills preferred.
Prior experience preferred.

Karen Vogt - Office Administrator